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We believe in the amazing power of goose bumps.

el-j logo and tagline. Experience matters.
Experience Matters, Episode 1el-j
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We are storytellers. We write, script, film, produce, prototype, draw, sketch, plan, and manage so our clients look like rock stars when they have something important to say.


We help companies of all sizes, anywhere in the world, win the hearts and minds of their customers, partners, suppliers, and employees – using events, business meetings, conferences, and show rooms.


We have the best people in the industry, seriously. We are highly cost-effective, we view our clients as partners, and our colleagues as extended family.


We are measured by our last cue, not the last presentation or panel discussion. We don’t rest until it’s perfect – just as it should be.



At el-j, we know that experience matters.




These iconic companies have all been with us for many years which really makes them our partners. We value each other, we understand each other, and we’re there for each other. We work together to achieve the right and best solutions for each project.  We know that trust and loyalty matter and that they are invaluable to our shared success.

We've been helping our clients with offline and online events for as long as we can think back. In fact, we've scripted, produced, and streamed shows way before all of this became a COVID necessity. And now? We believe, that virtual events need to evolve beyond off-the-shelf video conference solutions. We see so much fatigue with these formats, and as a result your virtual attendees are not interested anymore. So, how about we focus on what the attendee wants, and start talking about "experiential storytelling"?! We believe the future is in professional, TV-style broadcasting.

Here’s to that moment when the house lights dim and the show begins. 

Because it’s all about how people feel, every step of the way.

Film set - director, cinematographer and
United Rentals
National Parks
Schneider Electric Life is On
Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie Federal Ministry for Economy and Energy
Coca-Cola Company
Ritz-Carlton Residences


We take pride in our ability to work side-by-side, in partnership, with our clients every step of the way. That’s the el-j difference.

A “production” can take many shapes: a broadcast, a Broadway show, an annual meeting, an awards program, a trade fair (and more), but the nuts and bolts are the same. Listen, strategize and plan, create, execute. There can be hundreds, sometimes thousands, of steps along the way, but the path is clear when you have the right team of seasoned professionals who know how to take you from start to finish.  


Consulting. We collaborate with you to devise event & communication strategies, find compelling ways to reach and engage your audience, and don't rest until you can deliver your key messages in the most impactful way.


Creative. Your brand is what matters. Let’s apply some experiential storytelling magic to create immersive experiences for your audiences; and we're content creators, too – using video, graphics, presentations, staging and more...


Production. We're with you all the way, from pre-production planning through post-production communications, for live events, broadcasts and road shows with audiences of 50 - 50,000. Pixie dust anyone?


Coaching. Your people want to grow, want to become more self-sufficient. Let us support your event & marketing teams, speakers, and executives with speech and presentation coaching, on-camera training and script- and speech writing.


Audience Recruitment. But none of the hard work matters, if you don’t get the right attendees to your events. We support your organization to find the right audience, and to put in place the structure and KPIs for success.





Our philosophy is to bring good people together, to do good work. To empower our employees and partners to do their very best every day. To build relationships which are based on trust, joint success, and fun.

Our full-time staff is small, so we work with an incredible team of freelancers* from around the globe to deliver outstanding results for our clients. This is cost effective and it allows us to hand pick the right team with the best skills for each project.

Ultimately, we are more than just colleagues; we think of each other as extended family.


* We thought it would be so easy to get the same style photo from everyone. Well, let's just say we will need a little more time getting these done. In the meantime, please excuse the placeholder pictures. We are on it...


What story can we

help you tell?

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