who we are

At el-j, our mission is to provide the very best creative and production services while avoiding the pitfalls inherent in many larger agency models. Our size and organizational flexibility are our strength

We deliver value to our clients by curating the right team of skilled professionals to create theatrically engaging meetings and events with a strategic focus on the story and business objectives.

john bettini


John began his technical career in Broadway theatre, musical concerts and theatrical tours. His credits include the Broadway productions of Macbeth and The Who's Tommy, national tours of The Joffrey Ballet and Driving Miss Daisy, and concerts for Jackson Brown, Michael Jackson, and Arlo Guthrie.

In the mid-nineties, John brought his theatrical skills and expertise to corporate industrial theatre. He has worked in cities around the world from Boca Raton to Beijing, transforming ballrooms, outdoor spaces and arena stadiums into theatrical and broadcast environments for clients such as GM, Chrysler, Pfizer and The Coca-Cola Company, to name just a few.

ed baldi

partner/creative producer

Ed has been "behind the scenes" for over 25 years creating and managing theatrical experiences worldwide. His work ranges from theatre and industrials to film and television. In business communications, Ed expertly blends creativity, technical knowledge, and a theatrical sensibility with client-driven business objectives, to inform and motivate audiences of all sizes.

Clients such as The Coca-Cola Company, SAP, and The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, have benefited from Ed's rich and diverse history within the industry. This includes years on and off Broadway as a Stage Manager, as well as serving in the
art department for feature films and for HBO's Oz and The Sopranos television series.

felicia bettini Ph.D

COO/general manager

In addition to keeping all elements of el-j productions progressing, Dr. Felicia brings a unique perspective to el-j with her diverse background in leadership, coaching, management, education, and business administration. Felicia has worked for Fortune 500 corporations, theatrical venues, and academic institutions.

Felicia is always willing to help individuals expand their knowledge base and often shares ways to work more efficiently. When she is not at the computer working for el-j productions, she is an adjunct professor teaching first year Ph.D.'s how to increase their leadership productivity.

Dr. Bettini obtained her Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, a Master's Degree in Education (Counseling & Development) from Long Island University and a Bachelor's degree in Business & Marketing from Mercy College.

terri mctaggart

executive producer

Terri started her career in film production working on television commercials, music videos, and feature films. Her time spent in the film business laid the foundation for a broad base of production knowledge and technical skills. 

In 1997 Terri earned her first producing credits. Since then, she has collaborated on numerous productions, producing and supervising large scale events, dealer shows, press conferences, media parties, outdoor festivals, and national product tours. You name it...Terri has successfully "figured out" and executed all kinds of crazy ideas. 

Terri's projects over the years are varied, and include some of the most memorable automotive press event stunts and "reveals" in the business. 

tara mccormick

project manager

With over twelve years of experience in the field of corporate event and media production, Tara has managed and coordinated a wide variety of projects across a broad spectrum. From large scale automotive product launches and press events, to hospitality and beverage companies, Tara has helped navigate and manage the teams' transportation, logistics and on site coordination.

Tara has brought her organizational management talents to projects around the world working with clients like The Coca-Cola Company, Marriott, The Ritz-Carlton, Mini Cooper, Chrysler, General Motors and others.

peter pouridas

graphic artist

In a design career spanning over 20 years Peter has been continuously engaged by trends that span design, innovation and technology. After attending NY’s The School of Visual Arts, he became a pioneer in the field of computer graphics, bringing to life a wide variety of projects for high- profile corporate clients including IBM, Coca-Cola, BMW, Canon, GE, Sony, Calvin Klein and Ritz-Carlton to name a few. Peter’s design expertise includes branding, environmental design, multi- screen panoramic video projections, digital media and all manner of print. Peter inaugurated IBM developerWorks Live!, Peter recently designed and edited the book An Unusual Journey, for the Miami- based artist Erni Vales. It was published in January, 2014.

Recent collaborations with el-j productions have produced exciting events for Ritz-Carlton, Coca-Cola, Siemens, Unify and Schneider Electric.  

winnie edmiston

administrative coordinator

After working thirty years at FedEx as a service assurance leader corralling couriers, managers, and packages (lots of them), Winnie decided to shift gears and joined the el-j team.

She is our dedicated Administrative Coordinator who not only keeps communications flowing among our multiple locations, producers and coordinators. Winnie keeps the all-important paperwork side of the business organized and running smoothly.

maya wildberger

project coordinator

Maya studied design & production at Baltimore School for the Arts, finishing her BFA degree at SUNY Purchase. After graduating, Maya began working in the New York area as a designer, draftsman, and model builder; eventually relocating to Las Vegas, and finding work as a scenic artist and a stagehand with IATSE Local 720.

In 2004, Maya returned to the East Coast to teach scene-painting at Vassar College. While there, she discovered a love of teaching which inspired her to pursue a Master's of Art in Teaching from Towson University with which she taught 8th grade mathematics in Baltimore City for a number of years. 

Although teaching in a Baltimore City public school is in its own way a daily "live event", Maya missed the energy and excitement of working in production, and traded in her teaching hat and joined the el-j productions team.