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Rebranding Siemens Enterprise Communications as Unify Inc. was a daunting task. The global effort was designed to introduce Unify, a joint venture of 165-year-old Siemens AG and private equity firm The Gores Group, created in 2008. While the rebrand had been more than two years in the making, it wasn't until early 2013 that Siemens top management finally opted to pull the trigger on Oct. 15. When Siemens looked for a partner to help with the launch, the company’s planning team required more than just production and creative development assistance. It needed a dedicated agency it could rely on - one that it could trust to keep the launch and product release confidential. That partner was el-j productions. The Unify launch was a tremendous success, and the company (now part of Atos) continues to grow and evolve today.