peter pouridas

graphic artist

In a design career spanning over 20 years Peter has been continuously engaged by trends that span design, innovation and technology. After attending NY’s The School of Visual Arts, he became a pioneer in the field of computer graphics, bringing to life a wide variety of projects for high- profile corporate clients including IBM, Coca-Cola, BMW, Canon, GE, Sony, Calvin Klein and Ritz-Carlton to name a few. Peter’s design expertise includes branding, environmental design, multi- screen panoramic video projections, digital media and all manner of print. Peter inaugurated IBM developerWorks Live!, Peter recently designed and edited the book An Unusual Journey, for the Miami- based artist Erni Vales. It was published in January, 2014.

Recent collaborations with el-j productions have produced exciting events for Ritz-Carlton, Coca-Cola, Siemens, Unify and Schneider Electric.