el-j celebrates 125 years of Coke

el-j is founded upon the partnership and lasting relationship with Coca-Cola. Over the last decade we have had the honor to produce some of the most important meetings the company has ever done, including their 125th Anniversary Celebration at Liberty Island. 

“Please accept our sincere thanks for el-j’s role in making the 125th Anniversary of the Statue of Liberty celebrations an event that will be remembered for years to come… Beyond a shadow of a doubt, we could not have accomplished such a successful special event without the resources and talent that your team brought to the show…”

David Luchsinger

el-j collaborates to execute effective communication

Since 2006, el-j has worked with one of the worlds leading luxury providers to produce their most important annual business meetings. Whether the Global Leadership Conference, General Managers Meeting, or Owners Meetings, we have helped tell their luxury story on three continents using stage crafting techniques and an expert production management team.

“Suffice to say, the event simply doesn’t happen without you and your team and your incredible eye for detail, timing, perfection and the ability to roll with whatever I toss to you or we are tossed!...Thank you very much for another terrific [event] and being a group of people that I have complete trust in.”
Kelly Wood


el-j helps connect Schneider Electric

el-j applied digital and broadcast expertise to help control the skyrocketing costs and logistic challenges of an annual live event. We produced a three-hour live stream "television" program that reached over 70K connected employees. 

“We decided to make this a broadcast quality experience for our employees because it's replacing a business meeting. It got to engage the audience. And the technology needs to be able to handle large bandwidth, high-resolution video and graphics, closed captioning translation in multiple languages and more. el-j has been an incredible partner because of their ability to bring a diverse group of vendors together to make these programs a success. el-j has taught us something new. And, that's always good.”
Torsten Raak