partner relations with sarah guerra

el-j works with some of the best people around the world to make a once in a lifetime experience. Good people like Sarah Guerra help el-j in creating this experience.  

Can you summarize what you do for United Rentals and what you do for el-j?

I am the creative lead for United Rentals. I handle all graphics for the company including the planning and execution of event graphics. We work with el-j to plan and produce internal and external events.

Why do you like working with el-j/what is your favorite part about working with el-j?

They take the time to involve themselves deeply in our organization to ensure that the event is truly conveying United Rentals understanding our customers and employees. They continually bring new production industry trends to the table to elevate our events. We have really been able to take our events to a whole new level with el-j.

What is the most important thing you want people to know about your industry?

In a rapidly changing industry, we are uniquely positioned based on our value proposition to put us a step ahead.

What is your favorite thing about the production process?

Having the unique vantage point I do, I love being a part of the planning and backstage action and then seeing it all come to light. Watching everyone’s face in the audience light up the moment the music starts gets me every time.