straight talk with el-j: stage management 

As our partners know, the el-j team rises early with coffee in hands and inspiration in eyes. el-j delivers value to clients by assembling the best team of skilled professionals and continuously develops relationships within the el-j teams. 

Being a part of the el-j teams means bringing together meaningful connections. el-j's specialty is bringing great people together to do great work. el-j partners with some of the best partners and are proud to have an abundance of long-lasting relationships. 

One relationship that showcases this connection is Robin Rumpf. Robin has been a Stage Manager for el-j for 5 years. Robin explains the dynamic of el-j’s work as fast-paced, complicated, and exciting.

“I absolutely love working for el-j. John and Ed hire the right people for the job, and they let the experts do their job well.”

When working with el-j, in addition to laughing with the team, Robin manages the fast-paced environment that she said is complicated to explain. 

“There are so many moving elements to production. Back on Broadway, there were 2 weeks of preparation time. In production, you get 2 hours.”

Robin juggles tasks, preparation, clients, issues, technical aspects, and more at the same time before the show. She knows the ins and outs of all aspects of production and el-j loves having her on the team. 

During your next el-j event, look out for Robin!

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