The Power of Great Partnerships

At el-j productions, we don’t just partner with our AV suppliers, we also partner with our clients. It’s the power of these great partnerships on both sides of the production equation that has proven time after time to be the key to success.  Yes, success for our company and our suppliers.  But, most importantly, success for our clients who recognize that we’re far more than “just another production vendor.”

el-j's specialty is bringing great people together to do great work. We are proud to have an abundance of long-lasting relationships in the industry and with clients including Coca-Cola, Ritz-Carlton and Schneider Electric.

At the start of every project, we do a lot of listening and we ask a lot of questions.  Once we have an understanding of the scope, we handpick the best team and suppliers for that client and that event.  Then, we work hard to make sure that everyone involved with el-j productions has a great experience.  The result?  Flawless, impactful, memorable, meaningful events and partnerships that thrive.