The “value of well rehearsed stagecraft”

Anyone who has ever walked onto a stage knows how frightening being in front of an audience can be. The fact that the GOP Candidates were walking out in front of a live studio and broadcast television audience makes the anxiety and stakes understandably that much higher. Which is why, after viewing the awkward entrances at the beginning of the GOP debate Saturday night, one has to ask- what were they thinking and what can we learn?

At the very least it is the immeasurable value of rehearsal time.

Avoiding this kind of mishap is worth every effort and while there are certainly mitigating circumstances that only those present may know and fully understand – one must ask if staging a theatrical “walk-on” was really necessary to the core objective of a political debate?

America will be watching the next presidential debate closely, hopefully, for all the right political reasons. No matter the outcome it is sure to be an “entertaining” election year.