Hello and Welcome to the el-j productions blog!

Whatever brings you to this page; you’re going to be glad you’ve come!  How do I know? Well, this is going to be the place to learn not only about what is going on with el-j, but to gain many other production and event industry insights, expertise and learn about new industry trends.

For us here at el-j, 2014 was a busy and exciting year.  We were not only able (and lucky) to work with many of our good friends, clients and associates (some of the best in the industry) – but also to meet and form relationships with new clients, vendors and technicians, who will be a part of many exciting upcoming projects.

As for 2015- it is off to a strong start to say the least! January began for us in Paris where we helped to craft a truly groundbreaking global live-streamed broadcast for Schneider Electric. It was a terrific experience, full of consummate professionals, innovative solution oriented designers and technicians, and an unparalleled support staff.

Coming soon- so check back- a short video reel highlighting the broadcast and production!

Of course, it’s impossible for me to think of our visit to Paris, without remembering the tragic events of January 7th and the days that followed.  As with the events of 9/11, I will remember the fear and sadness of the immediate event, but even more than that, I will remember the strength and unity of the French people and indeed the world. They showed that wherever there is terrorism and fear there is also courage, bravery and sacrifice. Je suis Charlie.

There are truly too many promising and exciting projects coming down the pike here at el-j to name. So you’ll just have to come back often and see what’s happening! We will feature many guest blog posts from our friends and associates- so if there is a subject that interests you- please leave a response in the comments!

John Bettini