Relationships with Ritz

el-j is proud to have been working for The Ritz-Carlton since 2006. It was bittersweet to be a part of the soon retired Chevy Chase headquarters. There are many fond memories planning the Sales and Marketing meetings, Key Account Events, and General Managers meetings. We are excited to continue to the next chapters with Marriott’s Global Residences, including The Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis and W. Our team is excited to announce we will be producing the Global Residential Leadership Conference in May.

Meetings: Meeting Missions

Productive meetings can enable businesses to achieve higher objectives when employees and customers want to be "in the now and looking to the future". Any meeting should be previously constructed and prepared to generate maximum results and quality outputs. The results of a meeting should help synchronize the company and enhance the knowledge of the company on an individual level. Here are some tips for dominating the meeting grounds.


The “value of well rehearsed stagecraft”

Anyone who has ever walked onto a stage knows how frightening being in front of an audience can be. The fact that the GOP Candidates were walking out in front of a live studio and broadcast television audience makes the anxiety and stakes understandably that much higher. Which is why, after viewing the awkward entrances at the beginning of the GOP debate Saturday night, one has to ask- what were they thinking and what can we learn?

At the very least it is the immeasurable value of rehearsal time.

Avoiding this kind of mishap is worth every effort and while there are certainly mitigating circumstances that only those present may know and fully understand – one must ask if staging a theatrical “walk-on” was really necessary to the core objective of a political debate?

America will be watching the next presidential debate closely, hopefully, for all the right political reasons. No matter the outcome it is sure to be an “entertaining” election year.


Loyalty Programs

These days, it seems every store you make a purchase from asks for your loyalty card during checkout.  Our friends at Brand Verve provide an interesting view on why these loyalty programs are not actually creating a more loyal customer.  They suggest that companies should invest more time and effort into learning more about their customers and researching the most effective ways to reward them than just another card to add to their keychain.

Worth the read:  Why Loyalty Programs Aren't Working


Live at Le Hive

For the broadcast of Schneider Electric’s live broadcast from Le Hive- a closing video was created to finish out the event. This video highlights the tremendous  amount of work that went in to the broadcast and the incredible team that was behind it all! Please watch and enjoy this short example of what truly was a wonderful event to be a part of!

Hello and Welcome to the el-j productions blog!

Whatever brings you to this page; you’re going to be glad you’ve come!  How do I know? Well, this is going to be the place to learn not only about what is going on with el-j, but to gain many other production and event industry insights, expertise and learn about new industry trends.

For us here at el-j, 2014 was a busy and exciting year.  We were not only able (and lucky) to work with many of our good friends, clients and associates (some of the best in the industry) – but also to meet and form relationships with new clients, vendors and technicians, who will be a part of many exciting upcoming projects.

As for 2015- it is off to a strong start to say the least! January began for us in Paris where we helped to craft a truly groundbreaking global live-streamed broadcast for Schneider Electric. It was a terrific experience, full of consummate professionals, innovative solution oriented designers and technicians, and an unparalleled support staff.

Coming soon- so check back- a short video reel highlighting the broadcast and production!

Of course, it’s impossible for me to think of our visit to Paris, without remembering the tragic events of January 7th and the days that followed.  As with the events of 9/11, I will remember the fear and sadness of the immediate event, but even more than that, I will remember the strength and unity of the French people and indeed the world. They showed that wherever there is terrorism and fear there is also courage, bravery and sacrifice. Je suis Charlie.

There are truly too many promising and exciting projects coming down the pike here at el-j to name. So you’ll just have to come back often and see what’s happening! We will feature many guest blog posts from our friends and associates- so if there is a subject that interests you- please leave a response in the comments!

John Bettini